Nets & Training

2017 Indoor Nets began in early January and will continue on each Sunday up to and including April 23rd. They are held at Oxford Spires Academy on Glanville Road (off Cowley Road) and run from 3-6pm.

This is a four lane facility with good lighting and decent length run ups. Given the duration of the nets, you will have the opportunity for both a lengthy bat and a lengthy bowl.

The cost is £5 unless you are under 18 in which case it is reduced to £2.

If you would like to attend, simply show up. Alternatively, if you would like to contact us beforehand, email or phone 01865 514008. You will not be charged for the first session.

Outdoor Nets takes place during the season at St Edwards School (just off Woodstock Road) on Thursday evenings. Once we are nearer the time, more details will be posted.


Winter is not stopping the Wolfpack!

Nets Safety

Warm up before your train!

Check nets for damage before starting to bat each time a new batsman enters.

Watch the nets at all times do not turn your back including walking back from bowling!

Use a bat to retrieve balls in the side netting, or hold side netting back to protect your head when bending down.

Batsmen should make sure no spent balls are on the mat before another ball is bowled

Do not bowl until the previous bowler is out of the net and the batsman is ready

Wear protective equipment when batting in nets.

Be aware of others when batting, no unannounced slogging practice!

Please remember:

Always do your best to offer quality training to others.

Help at the beginning and end of sessions with setting up and putting away equipment, many hands make light work……….

Indoor nets

Indoor nets – from January to end of April each year


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First class training facilities at St Edwards